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Your Organization’s Mark On The World

  • Your Organization’s Mark On The World

    by Drew Mclellan


    Author: By Drew McLellanThe importance of your organization’s unique trade mark can never be overemphasized. Your trade mark needs to be protected both legally and by using it wisely.


    Your Trade Mark – One of the Most Valuable and Important Assets Your Company Has

    In marketing terms, your trade name, and trade market are important. But the mark that can mean the most to your business may be the one that your organization is leaving on your community. So, whether you are a solopreneur, have fewer than 20 employees or maybe have a few hundred people who work in your organization – you can leave your mark. And being an organization that changes the course of your community is good for business.


    Here are some of the ways it translates to your bottom line at McLellanMarketing.com

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