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Your 6-Week Checklist For Launching A Digital Product

  • Your 6-Week Checklist For Launching A Digital Product

    by Ann Smarty


    Author: Ann SmartyMost content can be recycled. And indeed, recycled content should be part of your content strategy. However, having something stationary to offer your audience is even better. It’s something that is great for building brand loyalty, increasing visibility and generating conversions that your blog just can’t give you.


    A good digital product is worth its weight in gold

    Digital products are those elements of content that are persistent on your website. It may be an eBook, a webinar, a video series or anything else that would have intrinsic value to your audience. And, it is content that has a longer shelf-life.


    But how exactly do you properly launch one? We all know that good things take time. Giving your digital product the boost it needs to be successful takes a bit of preparation. And there’s a lot of conflicting advice on the internet about the ‘right’ way to approach launching a digital product. And not all of it is worth your time.


    So, to give you a little boost, here is a set of guidelines and a 6-week checklist for launching a digital product on Jeffbullas’s Blog.

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