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Work Email Behavior: Time, Inbox, and Usefulness Trends

  • Work Email Behavior: Time, Inbox, and Usefulness Trends

    by Ayaz Nanji


    Author: Ayaz NanjiWhether at work or at home, email has become the everpresent spectre of life. And it seems that we all have a persistent, almos compulsive, habbit of constantly checking for new email messges.


    Times, They are a Changing . . .

    However, that seems to be changing in today’s work world. It seems that workers are spending less time checking business as well as personal email. That is even though most still spend several hours each day sorting through their inboxes. This is according to recent research from CMO by Adobe.


    Now this may simply seem to be an interesting factoid to see and forget. However, this fact is far more important that that, especially if email is the linchpin of your lead gen and marketing programs.


    Survey respondents reported that they spend 209 minutes each day checking work email, on average. That is down from 256 minutes spent checking work email, in 2016. And this can have some serious implications in the world of email marketing.


    To learn more about this trend, to see more of the data and to access the original report, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com

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