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Why Facebook Story Ads Could Mean Big Changes for Advertisers

  • Why Facebook Story Ads Could Mean Big Changes for Advertisers

    by Gordon Donnelly


    Author: Gordon DonnellyRecently, Facebook announced that Facebook Stories ads are coming. They’re going to mark a huge shift in the way advertisers think about placement. Now this is no new announcement. It was more a reminder of sorts from the original announcement in May of this year.


    Facebook has high expectations and business goals for Stories

    As an indication of the importance Facebook is placing on this move, Mark Zuckerberg noted recently that, “one of the interesting opportunities and challenges over the coming years will be making sure that ads are as good in Stories as they are in feeds. If we don’t do this well, then as more sharing shifts to Stories, that could hurt our business.”


    Clearly, not only is there a definitive shift to Stories occurring. But Facebook is obviously aligning the future success of the platform with their ability to monetize them, enhance advertiser opportunities and user experience. But what does this mean to your social media marketing efforts? To find out, here is a full rundown of Facebook Stories ads – including what they are, what they mean for Facebook, and what advertisers can expect when they finally drop for real.

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