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Which Social Networks Does Your Business Need to Be On?

  • Which Social Networks Does Your Business Need to Be On?

    from SocialReport.com


    So, you run a business. And now you’re ready to start social media marketing. Or, you may already have a company page on Facebook. But, the first you need to answer one question. What social networks should my business really be on?


    Good Question, But . . .

    And this is the first thing your business needs to consider when building a social media presence. Social media platforms are not a once-size-fits-all proposition. How you approach it, and each platform is different for every type of business and industry. This is due to the fact that each industry and business has different needs and, as a result, needs to be on networks that match their needs. Plus, each has platform has audience characteristics and profiles that either match your target market or not.


    Social Report recently posted an article that explores the idea of which social networks different types of businesses should be active on. You’ll find a list of different types of businesses with a couple paragraphs that discusses what social networks that business should be active on. So, read the full article on the SocialReport.com to find out exactly Which Social Networks Your Business Needs to Be On

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