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Where Is Social Media Marketing Headed?

  • Where Is Social Media Marketing Headed?

    from MarketingCharts.com


    Social Media Marketers Platform Usage Trends in 2019According to the latest annual “Social Media Marketing Industry Report” [download page] from Social Media Examiner, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform among marketers. However, Instagram is gaining in popularity as companies plan to increase their activity on the platform.


    Most Marketers Still See Social Media’s Benefits

    However, respondents are still finding that social media marketing – in particularly Facebook – has its benefits. This despite the fact that algorithm changes to Facebook have made publisher and brand pages less visible. Indeed, more marketers are reporting benefits this year than last. The vast majority of respondents reported that their business benefited from increased exposure by using social media. While a high number also saw increased traffic from social media.


    To see more of the data, additional insights and to download the original report, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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