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Where do Buyers Research Products? [New Report from HubSpot]

  • Where do Buyers Research Products? [New Report from HubSpot]

    by Pamela Bump


    Author: Pamela BumpThe burning question of the day: Where is it that people do their research when they are considering a purchase? The time was, people perused print ads. Or they saw a promotional flyer. But the times, they are a changing. Or, at least they have changed and significantly. And if brands don’t keep pace with these changes, they loose opportunities to be in consideration of the final purchase.


    If Ya’ Snooze if Ya’ Loose . . .

    One big shift was noted in 2018 when it was discovered that 40% of people used social media channels for aspects of product research. And younger generations today are getting more and more connected to social media platforms. So, that means that the amount of product research done on these platforms is likely to grow. In fact, 16 to 24-year-olds already conduct product research more on social than search engines.


    By now, you might be on all the major social media platforms. But, as they expand and evolve, you might still wonder which you should focus your time and efforts on if you’re selling a physical product. To determine this, it can be helpful to find out which social channels your specific audience is using to look for products, and then create social strategies that meet them where they are on their preferred platforms.


    To learn more about the social networks people prefer to surf for product research, see the poll data and read the full article on the HubSpot Blog

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