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What’s the Most Annoying Thing About Email Marketing?

  • What’s the Most Annoying Thing About Email Marketing?

    from eMarketer.com


    Most Frustrating Way in Which Brand Emails Lack Personalization According to US Business Professionals, July 2017 (% of respondents)By now, anyone who uses email marketing should know that email marketing campaigns must be personalized. And to be truly affective, the message itself needs to be relevant to resonate with recipients.


    But personalization is only as effective as the data that powers it. And when that data is wrong, recipients find the missives downright irritating.


    When Good Data Goes Bad

    To look at the issue of B2B email marketing fail, Advanis conducted in July of this year. And what they found confirms what we have all suspected.


    To see the data and some helpful insights, read the full article at eMarketer.com

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