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What’s The Best Time to Send Email Campaigns?

  • What’s The Best Time to Send Email Campaigns?

    by Kayla Carmicheal


    Author: Kayla CarmichaelTiming isn’t everything in email campaigns. But it’s a huge thing. After all, there’s no use in spending hours on a perfect campaign your subscribers won’t open. So, it’s imperative to get timing as right as possible.


    The Make Or Break Factor

    Undeniably, having a high ROI is critical for proving the success of your email marketing campaign. But, while the quality of content and a myriad of other factors contribute to a good email campaign, there’s one factor that makes or breaks it. And that one factor is the time you send your email.


    For instance, Wordstream found that sending email campaigns before 10:30 on Thursdays yields 25% CTR. However, when sent Tuesdays at the same time, it earns a 5% CTR. Surprised? Well, there’s more and to learn all of the best times to send email campaigns, read the full article at the HubSpot Blog.

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