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What Types of Content Generate Leads That Convert?

  • What Types of Content Generate Leads That Convert?

    from Marketing Charts


    Ascend2 Effective Content Formats Leads that Convert Jul2020Content marketing has enjoyed a strong reputation and has served as the core tool in a number of marketing strategies. And that has been for good reason, it works to generate leads.


    What Works? And How?

    But, that begs the question, what types of content generate leads that convert? So, to address that very question Ascend2 asked marketers.


    According to this new report  [download page], 9 in 10 marketers surveyed say their lead generation strategy is, in some measure, successful. And, on this front, more than half noted that social media has become one of the most effective digital tactics in generating leads that actually convert.


    To read more of the insights in this report, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com Read More »

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