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What Should You Post on Social Media for Your Startup?

  • What Should You Post on Social Media for Your Startup?

    by Disha Dinesh


    Author: Disha DineshThe best news about starting-up in today’s digital landscape is that you grow at practically little or no cost. All you need is the right idea, at the right time. And to be at the right place at the right time, of course.


    Today’s army of social media bloggers and micro-bloggers are constantly looking for exciting things to post. And you can be the subject of their social media conversations. But the first things you should think about are employing a social media management tool and building a smart social media marketing strategy.


    But, as a startup, where to start?

    While building a social media strategy, there are some questions that you should ask yourself. And after answering those questions you should have a good idea of who you’re targeting. And you will know exactly what to post. So to see the 12 types of content that you should post on social media for your startup read the full article at DrumUp

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