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What It Really Takes to Earn Millennial Loyalty

  • What It Really Takes to Earn Millennial Loyalty

    by Kelli Haemmelmann


    Author: Kelli HaemmelmannFor the past few years, it has seemed as if every conversation around loyalty, circles back to Millennials. And rightfully so. Millennials are now the largest generation living in the U.S. And collectively they possess an annual spending power of $600 billion.


    With this in mind, it’s no surprise that companies across all industries and verticals are catering to the needs of Millennials as a way to earn our loyalty. Thankfully for brands, 80 percent of Millennials already participate in loyalty and rewards programs.


    What Do  Millennials Really Want . . . ?

    However, above all else, millennials value their time, energy and hard-earned money. And while they enjoy incredible spending power, they prefer experience to ownership. If brands want to capture this demographic, they will have to abandon traditional, shopworn loyalty strategies. So, to learn how, read the full article at Chief Marketer.

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