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What is the Top Thought Leadership Content Format?

  • What is the Top Thought Leadership Content Format?

    from Marketing Charts


    Ascend2 Top Thought Leadership Content Formats Apr2020Research tells us that thought leadership plays a positive role in reaching and educating target audiences. It also serves well at fostering trust and loyalty in the market. That is why it has gained so much ground in the past few years.


    But, What Type of Content Works Best?

    To answer that question,  Ascend2 investigated the various types of content that marketers feel are best for thought leadership [report download page]. And they came up with some interesting results.


    Video Tops the List of Thought Leadership Content

    Not surprisingly, it seems that currently, video comes out on top, with more than half of marketers saying it’s one of the best formats for thought leadership content. And that is well ahead of the other formats identified. B2B marketers are increasingly seeing the value in video. And this validates previous research that found that more B2B marketers are finding video to be indispensable.


    To read the full article, see more of the data and to download a copy of the original report by Ascend2, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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