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What is a Facebook Pixel? [An Easy Guide]

  • What is a Facebook Pixel? [An Easy Guide]

    by Clifford Chi


    Author: Clifford ChiA few months back, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a Facebook status that struck fear in marketers all over the world. He announced the social media giant was going to overhaul its algorithm once again. This time, to give users more opportunities to engage with their friends and family and less with brands. This meant a flattening of their organic reach more than ever before.


    The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

    As is the typical case with any change, panic ensued. Marketers around the globe were in panic. But, it has turned out that the Facebook pixel is marketing’s best friend. It is extremely powerful because it shows you how successful your Facebook advertising campaigns actually are. And it helps you reach new, relevant audiences.


    And, so, if you want to optimize your Facebook advertising strategy, you need to be taking advantage of it. Read on to learn what exactly a Facebook pixel is, its capabilities, and how to create one today at HubSpot.com

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