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What Brands Post on Social vs. What Consumers Want to See

  • What Brands Post on Social vs. What Consumers Want to See

    by Ayaz Nanji


    Author: Ayaz NanjiThere is a significant disconnect between what marketers post to social media and what consumers want brands to post. This is the conclusions from new research recently released by Sprout Social.


    Consumers are From Venus and Marketers are from Mars?

    It seems that, for the most part, marketers seem to be missing opportunities to connect with their audiences. But, on social media, there are certain expectations of consumers. So, guess what, it isn’t about you. Its all about them.


    However, consumers say the types of social content they value most from brands are posts about discounts/sales. And they appreciate posts that showcase new products and services. But they are not terribly enthusiastic about what marketers are currently posting.


    To see how they are missing the mark, what it is that they are posting wrong and more of the data, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com


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