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What Are Xennials? And, Do They Matter?

  • What Are Xennials? And, Do They Matter?

    by Drew McLellan


    Author: Drew McLellanFor the past several years, the world has been obsessed with Millennials. Employers grouse about them. Marketers try to understand them. And Gen X parents hope their kids don’t become the stereotype.


    Enter the Xennials

    The general demographic cohort that we have labeled the Millennials were born between the early 80s through the early 2000s. That’s a considerable span. Too large for some. And, as you can imagine, the people born in the 80s are experiencing life in a very different way than someone born in 1999. So, many are now suggesting that the older Millennials are blending with the younger Gen Xers in their behavioral profile.  And this has begun to form what has been defined as The New Adulthood or Xennials.


    This melded age group has more in common with each other, as opposed to either the Gen X or Millennial groups they actually fit into, based on their birth year. But what are the of these New Adults? And from a marketing perspective, what will ring true for this target audience? To find out, read the full article on the McLellan Marketing Group Blog.

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