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What Are The Preferences of Millennial B2B Buyers

  • What Are The Preferences of Millennial B2B Buyers

    by Ayaz Nanji


    Author: Ayaz NanjiSome 82% of B2B buying committees now include at least one Millennial employee. This was according to recent research from SnapApp and Heinz Marketing. [See the original report – download available]


    An Emerging Trend Worth Watching Closely

    While seemingly still a small amount, it is an emerging trend. And it is one that all B2B marketers need to pay attention to. The reason? Because as this group becomes a greater influence upon the decision making in organizations, it will begin to shift how we will need to market. It will also require us to begin to evolve the activities and content and buyer-journey tactics in order to maintain success.


    One significant aspect that the report revealed is how millennials engage with vendors. It seems that they do so quire differently than baby boomers, our traditional B2B target demographic audience, even in B2B.

    And that means we will need to adjust our Marketing

    To see how that is, the implications for the future of B2B marketing and to access the original report, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com


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