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What Are The Most Effective Email Re-Engagement Campaigns?

  • What Are The Most Effective Email Re-Engagement Campaigns?

    from Marketing Charts


    Effectiveness of Email Re-Engagement CampaignsInspite of all the proclomations to the contrary, email remains the go-to marketing channel for many organizations. And that is with good reason. Study after study show that a vast majority of consumers prefer email for brand communications. And current projections indicating that by 2021, there will be more than 4.1 billion email users worldwide.


    So, clearly, organizations must prioritize email to maintain its effectiveness. But simply becuase we have documented proof that email has worked well, doesnt mean it continues. As example, we know that engagement remains the key to getting email into subscriber inboxes. However, now we need to know exactly what it is that drives this critical factor in email success.


    And that is exactly what this latest Return Path report [download page] looks into. Even with a high rate of effectiveness, marketers still must deal with inactive email subscribers. But more than half of respondents said they do not actively try to re-engage inactive subscribers. And of those who do create targeted campaigns for re-engagement, they reveealed that the path to re-engagement worked best with free resource offers.


    To see more of the data, additional insights and to download the original report, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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