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Using call to Action Triggers to Drive Conversions

  • Using call to Action Triggers to Drive Conversions

    by Drew Mclellan


    Author: By Drew McLellanIn marketing, one of the most critical tools you have to increase conversions is the call to action (CTA) trigger. After all, if your audience does not interact with your ad, if they don’t click on your offer, you can’t convert them.


    There is more than just one reason to run an ad online. Whether on Facebook, AdWords, or ad placement, there is simply no one, single reason to advertise. And if you’re running ads to build brand awareness, then you aren’t measuring success by conversions. But in most cases, you’re running ads because you’re trying to drive an action of some kind.


    And you want to give yourself every advantage you can and how you entice the audience to click on your ad is the most important step. That means you need to use call to action triggers. And to learn more about using call to action triggers to drive conversions read the full article on McLellanMarketing.com.

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