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Understanding Teens and Their Smartphone Habits

  • Understanding Teens and Their Smartphone Habits

    from eMarketer.com


    Length of Time that US Teen Internet Users Think They Could Go Without Their Smartphone, by Gender, May 2017 (% of respondents)Yes, teens are digital natives. But that’s just half the story of what makes teen life so different now from a generation ago. Coming of age at a time when smartphone ownership is the norm, today’s teens are mobile natives as well. The constant connectedness a smartphone enables, or imposes, is a central fact of life for them.


    Teens Slowly Catching Up With Adults

    Though teens still lag behind young adults, a large majority now have smartphones. And for those who have one, it drives their daily digital activity. This is fully explored in eMarketer’s latest report, “US Teens and Their Smartphones: The All-Purpose Device for Liking, Snapping, Ad Avoiding, Shopping and More.”


    To see a summary of the study with more insights, read the full article at eMarketer.com

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