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Three Ways You Need to Use Social Insights for #MarketingSuccess

  • Three Ways You Need to Use Social Insights for #MarketingSuccess

    by Jen Handley


    Author: Jen HandleyResearch tells us that nearly two-thirds of American adults use social networking sites on a daily basis. Additionally, the quantity of comments online is increasing at an exponential pace. Usually, customers head to social media sites as a first stop on the road to evaluating a purchase of any kind. And, it seems that 66% of people trust opinions posted online. And that is even when posted by total strangers,  according to Nielsen.


    If it is Important, Why Can’t I See it?

    Social media’s importance in the sales and marketing funnel is by now undisputed. But visibility into the insights each platform can provide is often clouded by meaningless metrics. With the overwhelming amount of data pouring in from dashboards, it can be confusing. Key customer and marketing insights can be missed. And you may not even know where to look for actionable data?


    Here are three ways your team should be using social insights to guide major marketing decisions at MarketingProfs.com


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