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Three Tips for Connecting with B2B Buyers

  • Three Tips for Connecting with B2B Buyers

    by Beth Negus Viveiros


    Author: Beth Negus ViveirosIt seems that B2B buyers are waiting longer and longer to connect with vendors. Today, rather than immediately connecting with a sales rep, both B2B and B2C buyers prefer to do their own research online, or ask their peers for input. And this makes becoming part of the purchase conversation as early as possible in their consideration process crucial. But a lot more challenging.


    Why Are They Waiting So Long Then?

    Part of this is due to a lack of trust in vendors. In a recent report on B2B buyer disconnect, TrustRadius found that only 11 percent of buyers describe vendor reps as very trustworthy. And only 19 percent say reps have significant influence over their buying decisions. In contrast, 53 percent of vendors say they think their reps are very effective at moving the needle towards conversion.


    How can you connect with prospects and get them talking? Here’s three ideas for driving engagement throughout the B2B buying cycle on ChiefMarketer.com

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