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Three Keys to Best-in-Class Marketing Budgets

  • Three Keys to Best-in-Class Marketing Budgets

    by Mathew Sweezey


    Author: Mathew SweezeyBudgets aren’t sexy. But they are one of the major prerequisites of high-performing marketing organizations. Heck, they’re a prerequisite of survival. But, have you ever wondered what percentage of my revenues should I budget to marketing expense?


    But, Where to Start?

    The trick to developing a best-in-class marketing budget is, first, to form a new conceptualization of what marketing is. Then you need to know the correct budget type for your growth stage. And, then finally, you need to understand the power of stretch budgets.


    If you can master those three keys, you’ll create a best-in-class marketing budget—and be well on your way to marketing success. So read on to find out how to do at MarketingProfs.com


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