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The Ultimate Guide to Viral Campaign Success

  • The Ultimate Guide to Viral Campaign Success

    by Kristen Baker


    Author: Kristen BakerIn spite of what we may want for our content, there is no guaranteed way to ensure your content goes viral. But there are certain steps you can take to give your marketing campaign the best chance at success.


    We All Want Campaigns to go Viral, But . . .

    Many marketers hope for a campaign to go viral — meaning it’s recognized, widely-accepted, and influential. And, for something to actually go viral, it needs to be shared over and over again. So, this means you and your company need to share the content first in as many places — and in as many ways — as possible.


    But, still, there’s no guaranteed formula. Then, you need to make it easy for your audience to share it as well. And to see how this is done, read the full article at HubSpot.com

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