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The Ultimate Guide to Crowdsourcing

  • The Ultimate Guide to Crowdsourcing

    by Clifford Chi


    Author: Clifford ChiCrowdsourcing. You’ve probably heard the phrase but wondered what it is. Or you may have read about some uses but didnt quite think that it was a business tactic you could use.


    So, What is Crowdsourcing?

    When businesses crowdsource, they ask the public for ideas, information, and opinions to help them craft better products and services. By crowdsourcing, companies can tap into a huge group of people’s expertise and skill sets.


    And, How Does it Work?

    As an example, companies can also crowdsource on social media. They can use this to gauge people’s opinion on their new product releases or updates. So to help you fully grasp the concept of crowdsourcing, here are some concrete examples of the practice in action at HubSpot.com

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