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The Ultimate Guide to Community Management

  • The Ultimate Guide to Community Management

    by Kristen Baker


    Author: Kristen BakerIn today’s digital, hyper-connected society, it’s been found that people are increasingly feeling disconnected from others. With so many people who communicate online, behind screens, this connected world is actually a rather lonely place at times. And this goes for personal relationships as well as business relationships.


    “One is the Loneliest Number . . . “

    So, what is it that has people feeling a disconnect to others and the companies they do business with? It all comes down to a lack of a sense of community. The “human connection” that we all instinctively need is missing. And that’s why so many brands today are beginning to invest in the creation of communities. They are doing this for their customers, employees, and fans, all as part of a process called community management.


    What is the purpose of community management?

    Community management has become increasingly popular and recognized by all types of businesses — however, it’s still largely undefined. So, what makes it so special? Why should your business adopt it? To answer those questions, read the full article at HubSpot.com to learn the main reasons why community management is critical to your success as a brand today.

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