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The Right and Wrong Times to Post on Social Media

  • The Right and Wrong Times to Post on Social Media

    from DrumUp


    logoSocial Media has revolutionized the way companies do business. From small local stores to big corporate houses, all types of businesses have recognized the importance of social media in marketing. In fact, social media marketing has become such an integral part of a company’s marketing activity that businesses just cannot seem to do without it.


    Great. So Post it and They Will Come Then?

    The success of social media marketing depends on a bunch of factors. Among those are content quality and relevance and time of posting. Yes, even the time of day you post will impact your social media success. The time you choose to post content on social media can well decide how many of your followers see the content. And even hot they engage with it and even if they convert.


    To learn when the best times are to post and on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, read the full article at DrumUp

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