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The Optimal Sales Cadence: Frequency and Duration Benchmarks

  • The Optimal Sales Cadence: Frequency and Duration Benchmarks

    by Ayaz Nanji


    Author: Ayaz NanjiHow many times should salespeople contact prospects? And, how long should outreach last? Or, what is the optimal spacing between contact attempts? And, how quickly should sales reps respond to prospects?


    Great Questions, So What Are The Answers?

    To find the answers to these questions, InsideSales.com conducted a study. They examined data from more than 1,456 sales cadences.  As part of the study, they examined full-range sales cycles. Additionally, all were start-to-finish direct attempts by salespeople in various verticals. And, with each being designed to engage sales prospects. And what they came up with are some interesting answers to those questions.


    Here are key findings from the research at MarketingProfs


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