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The Modern Press Release: Two Don’ts and Three Do’s

  • The Modern Press Release: Two Don’ts and Three Do’s

    by Jay Hickman


    Author: Jay HickmanThe potential power of the press release is sometimes misunderstood. This is true for those who aren’t studied PR practitioners. But many self-marketing entrepreneurs or others serving in some marketing function fall victim to common misunderstandings.

    Build it and They [He] Will Come . . .

    They often believe, falsely, that writing and distributing a press release means guaranteed free company publicity and a third-party media endorsement. Others wrongly believe there’s no such thing as “too much of a good thing”. And so they document every move made by the company and send it along to the media.


    Acting on those beliefs can be fraught with problems, so I would urge that companies consider a more strategic approach. There are some best-practices regarding press releases as marketing tools. To see what they are and to learn the Two Dont’s and Three Do’s of the Modern Press Release, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com


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