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The Latest Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

  • The Latest Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

    by Dan Hoff


    When you just gott'a know. Here are all the banner and image size formats for social media sites.


    If you are a social media marketer, a graphic designer, or simply a business owner who is ‘in charge’ of your social media presence image, you really need this.

    Just as you’re ready to publish your latest post to Facebook, you looked at the image. And, it is real bad. Why? What size do you need? Is it cut off at the top? Well, you’re not alone.


    In the ever evolving world of social media platform there is only one constant – change.

    It seems that the images sizes for social media platforms have been in constant motion. To help you out a bit, product review site WeAreTop10 compiled all the information you need. They brought together all of the image-posting rules, guidelines and size formats from the major social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. They are all right here, in one easy-to-reference infographic.


    To see the guidelines, just check out the infographic [Click to See the Full Infographic]

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