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The Facebook Ad Types: How to Choose the Best Ad Type for Your Goals

  • The Facebook Ad Types: How to Choose the Best Ad Type for Your Goals

    by Bethany Cartwright


    Author: Bethany CartwrightDid you know that people in the U.S. spend 20% of their mobile time on Facebook or Instagram? And there are over 1.8 billion people using Facebook every month? With so many active users, Facebook Ads are a good option. The can offer access for many marketers looking to reach new audiences. After all, its where people are already spending a significant amount of time.


    So, Many Options . . . So Little Time

    Facebook’s business platform has grown to be more and more sophisticated. Now it offers advertisers more options to reach new audiences. And even options to retarget previous site visitors back to their brand. However, with so many different options, it can be difficult for advertisers to figure out which Facebook Ad type is best for any given campaign objective.


    In this post, you’ll walk through each of the different Facebook Ad types. And then, help you figure out which ads you should run for different campaign goals. So, do you want to dive deeper into Facebook lead generation ads? Then read this comprehensive guide on the Facebook lead ads type and how to use them at HubSpot.com

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