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The Complicated Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

  • The Complicated Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

    by Kipp Bodnar


    Author: Kipp BodnarInbound marketing is in the middle of an interesting evolution. While search has traditionally been a major source of traffic and leads for businesses leveraging online marketing, that is changing. Now, with the growth of social networks, social media marketing is becoming even more important.


    But, Which is More Important?

    The answer? Both can be key to your strategy. They both can, and should, work together. But the key to understanding how and why they need to work together is to think about the problem both search and social solve. They both offer information discovery. And, leveraging both strategies will give you more chances for audiences to discover your brand.


    As a marketer, how can you integrate your efforts across both platforms? To find out and to learn how to apply this to your unique business environment, read the full article at the HubSpot Blog

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