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The Case Against SKAGs

  • The Case Against SKAGs

    by Margot da Cunha


    Author: Margot da CunhaAs summer is heating up, let’s talk about another HOT and controversial paid search strategy. Let’s dive into SKAGs!


    Single Keyword Ad Groups [SKAGs] have been a hot topic among the PPC community for a while. Some argue that this form of account organization allows you to create extremely targeted AdWords campaigns. And who wouldn’t want to keep everything tightly wound together. After all, then your money is only spent on those searching for the EXACT keyword that speaks directly to your products or services?


    In a Bifurcated World, Even AdWord Strategies are Controversial

    While some PPC people love SKAGs, they’re not right for everybody. And after some careful review, it is clear that there’s a case to be made against using SKAGs in your paid search accounts. So, to learn more about how SKAGs work, and why you might want to consider other keyword grouping strategies, read the full article at WordStream.com

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