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The 4 P’s of High-Tech Marketing for #MarketingSuccess

  • The 4 P’s of High-Tech Marketing for #MarketingSuccess

    By Brian Johnson


    Author: Brian JohnsonIt’s difficult to find a company mission statement that doesn’t at least allude to digital transformation. Or refer to the application of technology in all aspects of business. The right technology can be a differentiator for any size company. Even small businesses are demanding solutions typically associated with enterprise customers and high-tech firms.


    Business intelligence and advanced metrics for a donut shop?

    Why not? Cloud integration for a pet store? Sure. Big data for an online delivery service. Definitely. Advanced security for a law office? Of course! But what does this mean for business-to-business (B2B) technology? First, it’s a huge opportunity. Second, marketers need to figure out how to get customers who aren’t necessarily high level CIOs or IT professionals to connect with highly technical products.


    So, how do you engage customers before their eyes have a chance to glaze over? Try the “four P strategy.” And to learn what they are and how to use them, read the full article The 4 P’s of High-Tech Marketing at Target Marketing.

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