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The 11 Landing Page Best Practices to Swear By

  • The 11 Landing Page Best Practices to Swear By

    by Mary Lister


    Author: Mary ListerIf you’re in marketing, you’re no stranger to landing pages. We’ve all clicked through an interesting ad looking for more information. And then only to abandon the landing page because it was too confusing or didn’t hold enough information. And if we’re paying attention, we usually take note of what not to do with our own landing pages.


    Just Because You Build it, They Won’t Necessarily Stay . . .

    But what about what we need to do to keep those visitors? You may think that it is simply a matter of using a plug-and-play solution like Marketo or HubSpot or Unbounce to make your landing pages. Or you’re having a specialist team or even in-house dev team build your landing pages. By now, you realize that it is hard work and can be extremely confusing.


    But, there are answers. And to help you our, here are 11 landing page best practices for better pages and, of course, more conversions. Read the full article at WordStream.com

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