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Some Great Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Presence

  • Some Great Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Presence

    by Beth Negus Viveiros


    Author: Beth Negus ViveirosFor many people, the bulk of their LinkedIn activity is the digital equivalent of collecting a pile of business cards. But those with the savvy to turn their LinkedIn profile into a resource for visitors will make meaningful—and profitable—connections.


    It’s Simple: Make Your LinkedIn Presence a Useful Resource, And Connect

    LinkedIn can be an incredibly valuable resource for B2B marketers. It seems that 74% of respondents to Chief Marketer’s annual B2B Outlook Survey indicated that LinkedIn works. They said LinkedIn was their most effective social channel for B2B marketing. And that outpaced other channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube.


    But it all takes work to achieve success on LinkedIn. In this piece, Patrick King, founder/CEO of Manassas, VA-based marketing agency Imagine offers nine tips for improving your LinkedIn presence, both as an individual and a brand. And, to learn what they are and how you can use them to Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence, read the full article on Chief Marketer.

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