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Social Media Use in 2018: Platform, Age, and Visit Trends

  • Social Media Use in 2018: Platform, Age, and Visit Trends

    by Ayaz Nanji


    Author: Ayaz NanjiCongratulation. You have finally decided that you need to market your business on social media. And, it was probably a difficult decision.


    But now, which social media platform should you focus on?

    After all, there are eight major social media platforms and a gig-a-load of minor ones. So, how to figure out what is probably going to work for you and your business?


    One way is to use what I call the Serengeti Theory of audience marketing

    That theory says that I need to focus my “hunt” where my target audience prefers to frequent. And that means, if I want to have success in reaching my target audience through social media, I need to know where they prefer to “hang out”.


    A good place to start would be with the current numbers on the “who, what and where” of social media. And, fortunately for us, the Pew Research Center has recently released their annual social media usage report. So, that means, if you want to see where your best prospects are socializing, then you need to read this report. To read a summary of the report, read this article at MarketingProfs.com


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