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Social Media Dominates Video Content Promotion Efforts

  • Social Media Dominates Video Content Promotion Efforts

    from Marketing Charts


    Video Content Promotion Platforms: Organiz vs. PaidLast year, Tubular Labs revealed that business videos experienced impressive growth on Facebook in the second quarter of 2018. No real surprise there. And now, in this most recent survey they found that the top channels for promotion were, once again, social media platforms.


    This is a Really Huge Deal

    Currently, over 89% of marketers use video as part of their content strategy. And that is not surprising considering marketers believe video converts better than other content. But how do marketers get their video content to their audiences? A new report [download page] from Wibbitz reveals that when marketers promote their videos, either organically or through paid ads, an overwhelming number turn to social media, even more so than their own websites or blogs.


    Want to learn more? Then read the full article and access the source data at MarketingCharts.com.

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