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Social Commerce Not a Hit—Except When It Is

  • Social Commerce Not a Hit—Except When It Is

    from eMarketer.com


    US Internet Users Who Have Clicked on a Facebook Ad in the Past 30 Days, by Age, March 2016 (% of respondents)Let’s face it, social commerce has been a tough nut to crack. And, in all likelihood, it will continue to be.


    Does Social Selling Even Work?

    In many cases, consumers just aren’t interested in buying something while they’re on a social platform. After all, they’re there to socialize not shop. However there is new data that suggests that of those people who are clicking on Facebook ads are far more likely to buy.


    March 2016 research from the retail search agency conducted by market research company Survata looked at how internet users interact with Facebook ads. For the most part, a plurality of respondents across all ages said they hadn’t clicked on a Facebook ad in the past 30 days.


    To see how those clicks fared and for more insights, read the full article at eMarketer.com

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