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Should B2B Marketers Gate Their Content? Or Not

  • Should B2B Marketers Gate Their Content? Or Not

    from Marketing Charts


    B2B Content Marketing: Gated Content - Good or Bad?This is a debate that never seems to die. To gate or not to gate your B2B content?


    As the argument goes, . . . “to gate content only serves as a barrier to prospects.” And the response . . . “yes, but the content needs to work for me and I want to gain contact information.”


    To Gate or Not to Gate. . . . That is the Question

    It seems that some 44% of B2B companies gate content. But why is that the case? While it’s a safe assumption that it’s about acquiring more leads, there are also other benefits. This, according to a recent report [download page] from Walker Sands.


    While it’s true that close to two-thirds of the B2B marketers surveyed for the report who gate content cited earning qualified leads as their reason for doing so, more than half said they used gated content to add prospects into an automated marketing program.


    To see more of the data and insights, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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