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Seven Tips for Using Email to Build Customer Loyalty

  • Seven Tips for Using Email to Build Customer Loyalty

    by Yoav Vilner


    Author: Yoav VilnerMany brands put much of their marketing efforts into obtaining new customers. And understandably so. But acquisition isn’t enough. Customers who make a one-time purchase won’t necessarily come back for more. And, if you want customers to return, you have to make your brand memorable by giving them the experience they feel they deserve. Taking the extra steps to make your customers happy is the secret to making them loyal.


    A Happy Customer is a Loyal Customer and Money in the Bank

    You can build customer loyalty in various ways, but email marketing is one of the most effective. That may sound surprising and counterintuitive to those of us who don’t like spammy marketing emails. Yet, email is the No. 1 activity on mobile phones, and strategic email marketing—done effectively—is one of the best ways to retain a loyal customer base.


    Here are seven tips to make sure your email program encourages retention and loyalty at MarketingProfs.com

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