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Scarcity Marketing: How to Make More by Making Less

  • Scarcity Marketing: How to Make More by Making Less

    by Chris O’Keef


    Author: Chris O'KeeffeAs marketers, every day we aspire to put our products and services in front of as many eyes as possible. But if what if we go in the other direction? What if you hide your product from the world? If you make it hard to get? If you don’t make enough? What if you create friction? What if we introduced scarcity into our mix?


    What is scarcity marketing?

    Scarcity marketing is the idea of limiting the supply of a product. It is something that works, simply because it takes advantage of the human desire to have what you can’t get. So, it creates demand through mystique and enticement.


    So, now that we’re clear on what scarcity marketing is, let’s dive into some examples of businesses in a few different industries using this principle successfully. Read the full article at WordStream.com

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