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Quality Drives Decisions to Buy Local

  • Quality Drives Decisions to Buy Local

    from MarketingCharts.com


    Why Consumers Choose to Shop LocalA majority of US adults claim to buy local at least half the time they shop for products. And one-quarter of those adults say they buy local most or all of the time. This was according to an AYTM survey of 1,000 US respondents. Perceived quality of goods was the top reason for choosing to shop local. That was followed by convenience and economic impact. Of note, economic impact seems to be of greater importance than environmental impact.


    Local Market? Need a Business Driver? Project High Quality

    The perception of quality is the biggest driver of people seeking locally sourced ingredients. Indeed, 69% believe that buying local gives them access to more quality products. Convenience and economic impact are also consistently important factors, with economic impact counting a bit more when it comes to food. And while the vast majority of respondents agree that buying local can help the economy, far fewer said they are willing to pay a bit more for it.


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