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Q4 Email Performance, By Time of Day

  • Q4 Email Performance, By Time of Day

    from MarketingChats.com


    The best time of day to send email during Q4 – at least when comparing transactions to volume – was between 4PM and 8PM. This was according to a new study [download available] from Experian Marketing Services. More specifically, mailings in this time frame resulted in 21.1% of transactions relative to 14.8% of volume.


    That Was Then, This is Now

    The results are interesting in light of the previous year’s data. Last year, it was the 12AM-4AM time frame that resulted in a disproportionately high share of transactions compared to send volume. This time around, that period was the least effective. It’s interesting to note that this early day-part seems to have become much more popular from one year to the next.


    To see all of the data, more insights and to download the original report, read the full article at MarketingChats.com

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