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Pro Tip: How to Successfuly Embed Video in Email

  • Pro Tip: How to Successfuly Embed Video in Email

    by Caroline Forsey


    Author: Caroline Forsey

    If you’re an email marketer, you may be looking for ways to possibly spruce up your subscription and click-through rates. And video may just be the prescription you are looking for.


    A Good Idea, But Beware  . . .

    Now in theory, it’s a good idea. After all, two-thirds of consumers preferring video over text when learning about new products or services. However,  using video in your email can be a tricky proposition. Most major email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook don’t support embedded videos. So your subscribers may not be able to watch your video within the email. Or, even worse, they won’t see your email at all, because it’ll end up in their spam folders.


    Fortunately, there’s a creative workaround to help you embed part of your video within your email, and incentivize subscribers to click-through to watch the rest. To see how, read all about how to Embed YouTube (or Any Other) Video in Email on the HubSpot Blog

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