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Power Up Your LinkedIn Presance

  • Power Up Your LinkedIn Presance

    by Drew McLellan


    Author: Drew McLellanWhen business people tend to talk about social media, they immediately default to one of the “big 4”. Most think about networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. But the true powerhouse network for business, LinkedIn, is rarely mentioned.


    Don’t Miss The Obvious Low Hanging Digital Fruit

    If you live in the B2B world and you’re not spending time on LinkedIn every week – you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity. For most LinkedIn users, it’s nothing more than a digital Rolodex. But that misses it’s actual power as an incredible brand building, SEO increasing and prospecting/business development tool. But only when used well.


    In our feature article today, Drew McLellan brings us some great best practices and tips for really leveraging LinkedIn to your full advantage. Fair warning though. This is going to require an investment of time on your part. But the rewards will far outweigh the costs, so read the full article on the McLellan Marketing Group blog.

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