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Online Video Consumption Continues to Rise Globally

  • Online Video Consumption Continues to Rise Globally

    from Marketing Charts


    What is the reason that video marketing has gained so much momentum? Here is your answer. Online video consumption growth is expanding at a terrific pace. And it shows no sign of slowing down in the next few years.


    Marketers are Simply Following Their Market Momentum

    The recent global forecast estimates from Zenith Media is that the average person will watch 84 minutes of online video this year. This is up from an estimated average of 67 minutes spent per day in 2018. This rate of growth is not unusual. Zenith reported that between 2013 and 2018 online video viewing grew at an average rate of 32% per year.


    The insights from this study clearly support some of the more recent findings


    To see more of the data, insights and to access the full report, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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