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OK, Google: How Do I Optimize My Site for Voice Search?

  • OK, Google: How Do I Optimize My Site for Voice Search?

    by Dan Shewan


    Author: Dan ShewanVoice search is not just on the horizon, it is here now and you need to be ready. Whether through Alexa, Cortana or Google voice search, it is becoming more and more used by your prospects every day. And if you want to be ‘in the hunt’ then you need to know how to optimize your site for voice search on Google.


    In Case You Haven’t Been Paying Attention

    Google Voice Search is a function that allows users to search the Web using Google through spoken voice commands rather than typing. However, for users, there’s far more to Google voice search than mere convenience. It’s changing the way Google handles search queries, how users search for the information we need. And it’s even changing our attitudes toward search engines in general.


    To learn how your business and marketing can develop content, ad campaigns, and strategies with voice search in mind, read the full article at WordStream.com

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