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US Youth Exodus From Facebook Accelerates

  • US Youth Exodus From Facebook Accelerates

    from eMarketer.com


    US Teen Social Network User Growth, but Platform 2016-2019It seems that the story just keeps getting worse for Facebook. First came the whole “fake news” controversy. Then the “Russian Bots” and the 2017 election. Now even the youth are starting to leave the much vaunted platform.


    When eMarketer Speaks, the Markets Listen

    According to eMarketer’s latest forecast on social network usage, Facebook is losing younger users at an even faster pace than previously expected. And while the social media platform in the past was able to count on Instagram to retain that younger audience, the forecast shows that Snapchat may now be siphoning more users away. This year, for the first time, less than half of US internet users ages 12 to 17 will use Facebook.


    For the full story and see more data and insights, read the full article at eMarketer.com

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