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New Study: Email Benchmarks for 19 Key Industries

  • New Study: Email Benchmarks for 19 Key Industries

    by Ayaz Nanji


    Author: Ayaz NanjiToday almost all businesses use email to communicate regularly. It’s used for marketing, business development, follow up, lead generation and so much more. But there seems to be a tendency for all of us to settle into a rut, of sort when it comes to our email campaigns.


    We all tend to fall into a habit of assuming that our emails are working well in our market. After all, we say, “this is how we always have done it”.  But that assumes that email is a static point-in-time event. It isn’t.


    Email is a Dynamic “Living” Creature

    Email lives and breathes and, more importantly, it evolves over time and over space. And if we aren’t aware of that fact, suddenly we face a marketing and sales looming disaster.


    So, how can we keep up on the latest success trends for email? Probably the best way is to gauge by measuring our performances against industry benchmarks. And that is exactly what recent research from Campaign Monitor did.


    According to their report [see the original report], based upon an analysis of billions of emails sent via the Campaign Monitor platform between January 2019 and December 2019, there are some interesting new trends. They measured clickthrough rates, click-to-open rates, unsubscribe rates and much more across 19 industries. And to see how you and your business measures up against these benchmarks, read the ful artical at MarketingProfs.com.

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